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Fundraiser Party Packages

Fundraiser Events:

Our planners love a great event that will lead you to positive Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you’re a non-profit organization or a for – profit with a cause, fundraising events can be massively successful.

The audience you tap into has likely seen it all when it comes to fundraising, so it does PAY to think outside the box to get your potential donors actively involved and willing to open up their checkbooks.

Conceptualization of Event:

  • Planning & Development
  • Budget Talks
  • Timeline
  • Registration
  • Event Execution
  • Evaluation and ROI Calculation

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Photography by: CCS Photography

Themed Party Packages

Give us a theme and we will transform it into an extraordinary design. Our Lead Planner, Designer & owner is very passionate about themed events. There's something about tapping into that creative mind and bringing your vision to life, that truly shows who we are! From creating a unique candy bar to animals at parties, you name it we will create it and bring it to life!

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